New Defender products

Bas4Cars X New Defender

We wanted to improve our own Defender 110 and missed what we wanted on the market. As an outstanding Dutch Land Rover garage we just thought: “Why not create it ourself?” So with the help of a local partner we created our own line of New Defender Products.

For more information or orders please email us at: with your information like name, adress, country, parts you like to order, type car.

Bowler Rims under a New Defender

New Defender Product list

Software update

When you want to upgrade the software of your new defender. We can help.

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Advance offroad pack/special programs
  • Advanced tow assist
  • All terrain progress mode
  • Dynamic mode
  • 007 bond Screen
  • Wifi hotspot
  • High beam assist

For more information & prices please email us at:

defender software update

Rocksliders 2x

Our Rocksliders is a bolt on kit and are protecting your Ad Blue and Hybrid systems. Including bolts

Sizes: 203cm x 43cm 79,92 inch x 16,93 inch

Weight: 85 Kilos 187,4 lbs

Material: Steel

Can i use mud flaps with the rocksliders?

Yes you can

Do i need to drill extra holes to install the rocksliders?

No you don’t need to drill extra holes. They are bolt on

How far do the rock sliders stick out from the door?

8cm/3,15 inch

Can i use the rock sliders also for side steps?

Yes the rocksliders can also double as side steps

Do you make these for the 90, 110 and the 130?

Yes we make the for the new defender 110 but because of huge demand only for the 110. So nothing so far for the 90 or 130.

Diff protection

Size: 44x43cm

Material: Steel

Do i get a PDF of how to fit it on the car?

Yes, you get a PDF of how to fit everything on your car and we send you a step by step video.


We only sell the Diff protection in a package deal with the underbody protection

Full Under body protection

Including differential protection, engine, fuel cells protection

Size: 115x 108cm and 82x46cm

Weight: 60 kilos / 132,3lbs

Material: Steel

Do i get all the bolts and brackets with it?

Yes you get all the bolts and fitting brackets with you full underbody protection.

Do i get a PDF of how to fit it on the car?

Yes, you get a PDF of how to fit everything on your car and we send you a step by step video.

Do you make these for the 90, 110 and the 130?

Only for the 110 not for the 90 or 130


Bas4Cars X Frontrunner

Size: 237 x 126cm


We have tried them all and only selected the best.

Tested on all terrains and worldwide by clients.

Size: 593 x 160 x 248mm (23.3 x 6.3 x 9.8 in)

Pulling Weight: 6577kg/14500lbs

Material cable : Synthetic

Is it including the A bar?

No, its just the winch/product

Whats the cable choice and lenght?

Synthetic and 25 meters

How much can the winch pull?

14500lbs – 6577 KG

Winch Speed Meters per Minute (unloaded)

9.5 meters


  • Underbody protection & rocksliders
  • Underboy protection
  • Rocksliders
  • Winch/A-Bar/Skid plate
  • Roofrack
  • Lazer lamps 2x in A-Bar Lightbar roof/back 2x with switch panel
  • Lazer lamps in A-Bar 2 Lazer lamps back
  • Lazer Lamp Led Bar roof
  • Lift kit 1,5 inch en spacers supsension
  • BF Tires 18″ rim, brake adjustment (P400) and spacers
  • side stair
  • Raised air intake (paint is extra)
  • Suitcase (silver original) (in color costs extra)
  • Wings wide (matt) if possible with paintjob (costs extra)
  • Mudflap short front+back
  • Swivel Recovery point (towing) (Color after choice costs more)
  • Battery Dometic
  • Dog Rack
  • Quick release roof tent/ Awning
  • rubber mats back
  • wheel spacers

Software: *Not always possible because of basic specs.

  • €adaptive cruise controle
  • Advance offroad pack/ special programs 2
  • Advanced tow assist
  • All terrain progress controle
  • Dynamic mode
  • 007 screen
  • WIFI hotspot
  • high beam assist


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do, to give you an correct price (product + transport costs) please contact us with you adress. Send us an email to:

How do i order?

You send us the adress and we calculate the price for you. When you agree an invoice will be send. When everything is paid the order will be shipped/put on transport.